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Carousel Artists Management is a new and unique agency in Israel that represents and promotes qualitative music.

Carousel combines a wide range of fields: culture, production and marketing management, career development and public relation and spokesmanship, thus providing a comprehensive service fitting each aspect and need.

Carousel takes pride in its staff which comes from a musical, production and management background that combines its wide talents with the passion for culture in the highest level.

To the artists, carousel offers representation, marketing and image consulting, public relation, booking concerts and events and comprehensive personal management.

To the culture centers and promoters, carousel offers a wide range of performances and concerts, artistic suitability according to the analysis of the audience, artistic management, an appropriate construction of musical series, and budget consulting.

For more information please contact:

Gilli Alon-Bitton
Office: (+972)77.6161618
Mobile: (+972)54.4352353


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